Bonus Banking

All of the tremendous value provided in Bonus Banking is yours for a low $8.00 monthly account service charge! 

• No Minimum Balance Required 

• Unlimited Check Writing 

• One Box of Standard Checks Annually 

• Debit Card - no issue fee

• $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance 

• Travel Assistance Services 

• CyberScout®- identity theft resolution

• Cellular Telephone Protection 

• Roadside Assistance 

• Lux Benefits plus Card Link Cash Back



• Does Not Reduce 50% at age 70 

• Includes Comprehensive Travel Assistance Services 

• Seatbelt (10% additional) and Airbag Benefit ($5,000 additional) 

• Paralysis Benefit 

• Vehicle Modification & Home Alteration 

• Rehabilitation Benefit 

• Coma Benefit 

• Bereavement and Trauma Counseling


• $600 Maximum Benefit Payable - 

• $1,200 Annual Limit 

• First 5 Lines Listed on Cell Phone Bill Covered - Must Pay Cellular Phone Bill from your eligible Bonus Banking account 

• Coverage Shared on Joint Accounts 

• Automatic Coverage 

• No Separate Enrollment 

• $50 Co-Pay per Claim 

• Coverage Shared on Joint Accounts 


• A personal advocate who works with you one-on-one, start to finish to restore your identity 

Includes immediate household family members 

• Systematic notification of credit bureaus, creditors and collectors, government agencies and all other relevant parties 

• Preparation and coordination of all notification materials and communications needed 

• A three-in-one credit report from TrueCredit (a TransUnion company) 

• A full year of weekly credit monitoring from TrueCredit (a TransUnion company) 

• A full year of my FICO Identity Theft Security fraud monitoring, for victims of true identity theft, where available


• Retail & Restaurant Savings 

• Grocery Coupons 

• Big Savings on Attractions 

• Save 10% or more on Select Hotel Chains 

• Other Travel Savings CARD LINK CASH BACK 

Easy as 1 • 2 • 3 

1. Easily enroll all of your bank cards 

2. Earning cash back is easy 

3. Boosted offers 


• Access Granted to One Member on an Individual Account / Two Members on a Joint Account 

• Maximum of 3 Claims Per Year 

• Theft Hit and Run Protection 

• Lockout Service 

• Emergency Tire Service 

• Emergency Delivery 

• Battery Service 

• Roadside Service 

• Emergency Towing 

• Map Routing Service

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